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To keep your heating and cooling system performing its best year round, Rouck Plumbing Company, Inc. offers a Seasonal Maintenance Agreement for your commercial or residential HVAC system.

Regular maintenance on your commercial or residential HVAC system with the Rouck Seasonal Maintenance Agreement will help provide a quality, efficient, and safe indoor environment, plus these great benefits:

  • Scheduling convenience - we will contact you
  • Improved efficiency
  • Extended equipment life
  • Improved safety
  • Improved capacity
  • 10% discount on repair parts
  • Priority Customer
  • Inflation protection
  • Agreement is transferable
  • Self-renewing agreement
  • 24-hour Emergency Service
  • No Overtime charge between:
    7:00AM - 4:00PM Mon. through Fri.

The Rouck Seasonal Maintenance Agreement will provide you with routine Precision Tune-Ups, Professional Cleanings and Safety Inspections as described below:

  • Clean or replace standard air filters
  • Check inside cooling coil
  • Check primary and secondary drains
  • Clean and test condensate drain
  • Inspect blower components - clean and/or adjust as necessary
  • Check condenser coil - clean as necessary
  • Lubricate all moving parts (where applicable)
  • Check main electric connections
  • Check operating pressure for proper refrigerant charge
  • Monitor voltage and amperage draw on all motors
  • Monitor air conditioning and heating cycles
  • Inspect heat exchanger and burners - vacuum and/or adjust as necessary
  • Adjust gas pressure as necessary
  • Check pilot operation - adjust as necessary
  • Monitor flue draft for safe operation
  • Check and test safety controls
  • Adjust air flow for proper temperature rise
  • Check heat anticipator settings
  • Check thermostat operations
  • Check for cracked heat exchanger

Because of the varying needs of our commercial customers, pricing for the Rouck Commercial Seasonal Maintenance Agreement is arranged on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for a no-obligation bid.

The Rouck Residential Seasonal Maintenance Agreement includes a Precision Tune-Up, Professional Cleaning and Safety Inspection as described above twice per year. Pricing for the Rouck Residential Seasonal Maintenance Agreement (SMA) is below:

  3 Year
2 Year
1 Year
Primary A/C & Heating System $300.00 $220.00 $120.00
Each Additional A/C & Heating System $270.00 $190.00 $100.00
Heating System Only
(one procedure per year)
$214.00 $146.00   $78.00
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